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Wrap Around Heat Pack - Cherry {Wili}

Wrap Around Heat Pack - Cherry {Wili}

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What is a Back Wrap? Our Back Wrap Heat Bags have 8 individual panels sewn into them so that the heat is evenly distributed across your lower back. We use 100% Cotton and fully adjustable strong Velcro to hold your back wrap in place. They can also be used across your stomach to help relieve stomach cramps. Or sideways across aching hips.

Can also be used as a COOL PACK! Just put your Back Wrap inside a zip lock bag and place in your freezer. No need to go without your Back Wrap in Summer!

Filled with Australian grown ODOUR FREE Lupins! But what are Lupins? They are a type of legume grown by Australian Farmers. We use these instead of traditional wheat because they are ODOUR FREE!! So, no more smelly heat bags and smelly microwaves!

Other benefits:
+ retains heat longer
+ 30% lighter than wheat
+ does not sweat when heated
+ chemical free

Sizing Guide:
Small: 6-10
Medium: 12-14
Large: 16-18
Extra Large 18+